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              Sound bytes/clips that played on AFVN

If you would like to trade or add to the list please contact

Adrian Cronauer                Armed Forces Radio Services Vietnam(Adrian C.)

  Group of Names/shows       Turn back the hands of time      Aviation Maint.

  Barbara Randolph               Bobbie the Weather Girl           AFVN-Chickenman

  History of AFVN         Mail Call-write home also          Movies around Vietnam

  Hawaii R&R                           Bob Coates                                 Bob Kingsley  

Theater Schedule(Bob Rossi)      Chris Noel                               Chu Hoi Info  

                  College Ad 1                            College Ad 2 & Stars and Stripes

  Creep-Creep                     Kountry Korner                    DawnBusters

  Doug Jennings 1                 Doug Jennings 2                    Essay Contest  

Foot care                       Free Postage        GI Bill 1              GI Bill 2      

            Good morning Vietnam  

                GOOOOOOD MOORRRNNNING Vietnam(Don Fox)  

Robin Williams-good morning Vietnam                    Herman show Hour of Power

  Hour of Power 2                  Johnny Grant                    Les Howard Jacobi      

LSD warning                     M-16 Maintaince               Malaria Pill and chickenman  

Your MOS 1970                MPC change Notice            Orient Express 1  

Orient Express 2                     Panorama 1                  Panorama 2 with News

  Percy Marvelous                Piaster spending            Bay ridge "quit Smoking"

  Re-enlist 1                              Re-enlist 2                             R&R Tokoyo

  Pat Sajak                                 7&7 your R&R                     Skag Warning  

Stars & Stripes                      Hour of Love                   USO 1         USO 2  

         USO Gal's to write to                      USO Sweetheart and weather(Milla)

  VD warning                     You Owe it to Yourself                  Kids around market

  The Alternative               Voice of America                    Hannoi Hannah


News 2                    News 3                 My Lai News        Kent state demonstations

             More college demonstrations                 Henry Kissinger on Vietnam

                                        Herb Where are you?

  Enemy Water Buffalo                          B52 Bombing(sudden power outage)

  Weather in the U.S.                 Dow Jones info              Martin Luther King    

             Nixon not endorsed                             "One Giant Step for Mankind"


Sports 1             Sports 2                   Sports 3                    Football game Texas


Group of Aussie bytes           In the News-Mike Frazier            Greg Riggs


  Navy Recruiter Call                            

                       Oldies                         Oldies 2